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About Software 

Extract unlimited followers and their contact information from Instagram with no
manual effort. It is one of the fastest software available in the market.

Information Extract

  • Full name
  • Instagram handle
  • Profile photo
  • Follower / following count
  • Email address 
  • Phone number 
  • Website URL 
  • much more


Instagram has dominated the social media world. It’s the go-to place for image sharing,
with over 800 million monthly users. Billions of likes are handed out each day, so you need to do your part to scoop some
of them up. First, switch your profile to an Instagram Business Profile if you haven’t already.
This will give you tons of free tools and insights. Next, start taking advantage of those free tools. Check out your audience’s demographics,
like their age or top locations. Post product teasers to urge people to buy your products or services without being
overly pushy. They’ll be more likely to buy if they don’t feel pressured.
Turn your posts into sponsored ads to reach target audiences that may not be following
you yet. One post might just have them hooked.
Use Instagram Stories to post behind-the-scenes photos or videos.
Followers will appreciate the insider posts, which builds your relationship with customers. Partner with influencers that have a wide reach in your industry.
Their followers trust their recommendations. Be sure to leverage the power of user-generated content by reposting images that
your customers share. You can turn this into a contest with an interactive branded hashtag.
Choose a photo to share every week or every month that aligns with your brand’s message. Post at the right times and avoid overposting. Post one to two times every day and check out
when your followers are most active. Schedule posts to go live during those days and times.
Finally, be sure that you track the right metrics to see how your Instagram marketing efforts
are paying off. Keep an eye on follower growth rate, engagement rate, and your URL click-through rate. What Instagram marketing techniques work best for you and your brand?Thank you heartfelt
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